1 or 2 Story, Basements, Small, Medium or Large – Tell Us Your Needs & Dreams!

Most Americans have little or no idea about all of the amazing things you can do with a factory built home today! From basic but durable shelter to amazing designs that will impress your friends while saving you on time, utilities and more.

For example, you can have:

  • 2 story or ‘story and a half’ Cape Cod style homes
  • A single level home, which can be elevated or “ground set.”
  • Homes over a partial or full basement, that can be finished or unfinished.

If you are looking for a new home in or near Cambridge OH, Western PA, West Virginia, you’ve come to your one stop shopping place. Want a new manufactured or modular home? We can do that for you.

Need workforce homes for your company? We can do that too.

This is the first in a series of videos we will bring you that will show you all of the amazing things that modern factory built manufactured or modular homes offer. Save money over the cost of a temporary rental, hotel or motel.

Need financing? Here is our MLO #. Want to pay cash? Lots of our customer do that too.

We are award winning, Williams-Burg Square. We feature quality Adventure Homes and more! We’ve done 10,000 homes in Ohio and neighboring areas. Call us Monday through Saturday at:

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